Welcome House Statement of Faith

Section 2 of the by-laws under Purpose it states “Welcome House is a faith-based agency serving homeless individuals and families in the Bismarck Mandan area.”  This is reiterated in section 3 of the by-laws under the heading Mission.

 “How is faith infused into the programs of Welcome House?”

The short answer is, the various programs Welcome House offers are not specifically “religious” in nature, although we trust that through our treatment of others and by our actions, the gospel is clearly proclaimed.

The motivation and underlying inspiration for Welcome House is adherence to the Biblical principle of serving others in the name of Christ. The personal faith and values of the individual members of the board of directors, who are each associated with various churches in our communities but serve the same God, shapes our conversation and informs our decisions.

The term faith-based is a designation that describes any organization, idea or plan, based on religious beliefs, most often associated with the Christian faith. Faith-based organizations typically provide a variety of services to “the least among us” offering assistance to the poor, the elderly, children, and the disenfranchised, as well as advocating justice for the oppressed.  In the case of Welcome House, our particular mission is to serve those who are homeless.

Welcome House is not affiliated with a specific religious group or Christian denomination, nor do we proselytize.  Welcome House enjoys widespread support across denominational lines among the churches and religious organizations in Bismarck-Mandan.  Welcome House provides assistance to any person or family in need of shelter regardless of religious affiliation, based on the resources available.

We are grateful for all the churches, secular organizations and individuals who, through their compassion for the homeless and out of their own convictions, choose to support the ministry of Welcome House. We especially solicit and appreciate prayers that are offered up for those in our community who are without shelter.