Diversity Policy - Building Bridges

Diversity Mission - The Spirit of Inclusion

Underlying the role and mission of Welcome House, Inc. is the belief in the dignity of all people and a commitment to serve without discrimination.

(WHI) envisions diversity as the many threads of fabric. The strength, the durability, the resilience of that fabric is dependent upon the strength of these individual threads. Remove one and the fabric is weakened. Weaving these threads together gives great strength. We best serve our heterogeneous clientele with resources of many threads like our board of directors, staff, volunteers and human service partners. We then create a strong fabric with our commitment to diversity. Our actions must reflect this fabric and be the framework of our organization.

The WHI board members have deliberately chosen a high standard for our vision of diversity. Although this will be challenging for our young organization, we aspire to design a diversity blueprint which facilitates positive solutions in cooperation with all interested parties. Through listening to other's experiences and knowledge, our diversity blueprint will be transformed from an idea on paper to a daily reality. We are carefully researching diversity best practices to maximize organization effectiveness.

We at WHI are committed to creating an environment where diversity is respected, sought and valued. We seek to create an inclusive environment where different perspectives are welcomed and the individuality of all is respected. For us, diversity embraces all the ways in which people differ and bring varying approaches and skill sets to servicing our homeless clientele. These differences include, but are not limited to, race, color, veteran status, age, national origin, disability, educational background, sexual orientation, religious affiliations, and economic status.

In order to avoid duplicating services of other human service organizations, WHI embraces only family entities, including single mothers and fathers with children.

Diversity and Employment

WHI is committed to assuring equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in all employment practice decisions. This includes recruitment, hiring, training, promotions, compensation, benefits, transfer, layoff or termination. 

Diversity and Volunteer Recruitment

WHI is committed to the recruitment of volunteers without discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, sex, age or national origin. In carrying out this policy, WHI will aggressively seek volunteers from the community who reflect and acknowledge the value of diversity, including, but not limited to, diverse minority groups, women and the disabled.

Welcome House Responsibility - Diversity Role Model

WHI requires full knowledge and active participation of all those connected to our organization. This will ensure that the value diversity is fully appreciated among our workers and becomes a core value within our organization.

Diversity is a journey of a lifetime of learning, respecting, and valuing individuality.